Life at Park Visalia

We recognize how important it is for us to assure that our team and our residents experience a sense of belonging, that we have meaningful work and life balance that supports an environment where we can continually learn, and have the opportunity to give and receive genuine care. The life at our community reflects what we believe.
  • We believe and encourage independence such as taking a walk, letter writing, shopping, gardening, hobbies, crafting and emailing.
  • We believe in optimum physical health, with focus on what residents CAN DO, not what they cannot do. We encourage movement through exercise, enhanced sitting, standing balance and eye-hand coordination with activities such as Wii Sports.
  • We believe in life-long learning. We provide education series that has interesting topics and cognitive awareness through discussions and current events.
  • We believe in exercising the spiritual needs of residents with inter-faith worship services, bible studies and music.
  • We believe that our residents still have so much to offer to those around them.